how to save file in specific path?

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I wanted to save my alredy genrated text file in folder
file name is "data201203.txt"
"C:\Users\IISER BPR\Documents\MATLAB\Instrument program"
what is the best simplest and suitable command?
Or eles suggest me how to use uiputfile function.(please write small code)
Somnath Kale
Somnath Kale on 4 Dec 2020
@Ive Ive
Thanks for your reply!! still little issue
Error using movefile
Cannot copy or move a file or directory onto itself.
showing this error but fele kept at proper place

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Accepted Answer

Anmol Dhiman
Anmol Dhiman on 7 Dec 2020
Hi Somnath,
Refer to movefile to move a file from one location to another.
Anmol Dhiman

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