How to make Deep Ensemble Learning Model with Deep Learning toolbox

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Can someone show me how to build an example enseble deep network like is shown in figure 2 of attached zip?
See attached or via link
Emil on 21 Dec 2020
Edited: Emil on 21 Dec 2020
The issue was that I made the attached network I made in Deep Learning Toolbox directly referencing "Layers"
[net0,info0] = trainNetwork(inputTrain,targetTrain,lgraph_1.Layers,options);
This give errror shown below.
I should have ran it...
[net0,info0] = trainNetwork(inputTrain,targetTrain,lgraph_1,options);
This works without errors.
Kind Regards

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Answers (1)

Paola Jaramillo
Paola Jaramillo on 4 Dec 2020
Hi Emil,
Regarding the networks: RNNs, GRU and LSTMs are definitely supported.
Regarding the ensemble method: the easiest way to ensemble deep learning models is to train different networks individually and then combine the predictions of all networks using one of the post-hoc ensemble approaches (e.g. average predictions or majority voting). To give you some ideas:
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Emil on 10 Dec 2020
Thanks Paola
For example, the problem I have is building the layers with the deep learning toolbox.
When I try to train the network it get an error.

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