How to retrieve handle of just-brushed object (again!)

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David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 8 Mar 2013
Seems I asked this question almost two years ago; I got one answer, but it wasn't sufficient (I didn't fully realize why at the time), 'cause it explained how to retrieve ALL brushed objects, but here's the rub: in my use case, an object may already be brushed, and I need to be able to distinguish, e.g., in the WindowButtonUpEvent handler, the FRESHLY-brushed object from the old brushed object (so that I can clear the old of its brushing). It just occurred to me that the cumbersome, "brute-force" way to do this would be to keep track of the brushed objects and, in the brush object's WindowButtonUpEvent handler, compare brushed objects w/ the existing set: the set-difference is the new one--is this really the way MathWorks expects us to do this chore? I hope not.

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David Goldsmith
David Goldsmith on 8 Mar 2013
Sorry for the noise, I finally found it in the online doc:
supposed to use Action Pre/Post Callbacks; brushed axis is the sole element of the event data passed to the callback.

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