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I am using the Import function in Matlab to preview the file before import. The file I am importing is rather large (500 MB or so) but is pretty simple in that it has 15 columns (2 text 13 numeric) and comma delimited. When I use textscan this file comes in relatively quickly but when I proceed to import using the import editor it is incredibly slow (10+ minutes) Can someone tell me why this method of importing is so slow? I find it very convenient since I can preview the data before importing, I just wish it wasn't so slow that it was unusable. Hopefully I am doing something wrong and it will be more useful if I can figure out what I'm doing.
Thanks much, Brian

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 6 Mar 2013
If you are importing a lot of data that's the same format, you can generate code from the Import Wizard and then use that code to pull in other files. It's in the drop-down menu where you usually accept the import.
Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 6 Mar 2013
No problem, glad I could help!

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