How to create tunable parameters for a standalone FMU Export?

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David am 17 Nov. 2020
Kommentiert: David am 24 Nov. 2020
I want to export a standalone FMU from a Simulink model. I have already managed to export a FMU with the Simulink Compiler but I dont know how to create tunable parameters for this standalone FMU. I tried to define them as parameters in the model explorer, but they dont show up when importing the FMU into a FMU Block.
The model is made of mostly Simscape blocks and the tunable parameters should be the parameters in the Simscape Stepper Motor Block.
Thanks in Advance!

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy am 22 Nov. 2020
Hi David
You need to set in the Simscape Preferences (MATLAB user pane) the option Show Run-time parameters on.
Then you should see that simscape parameters for the stepper motor have 2 options: Compile-time and Run-time. Select the second for given parameters. Once the FMU is created, these shall appear upon double clicking the block.
Hope this helped out Cheers Juan
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David am 24 Nov. 2020
Thank you very much! Now it worked. The problem was that I played around too much with my Simscape model, so it did not work. I tried it with a clean model again and it worked.
Best regards

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