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Evans Harrigan
Evans Harrigan on 16 Nov 2020
Commented: Evans Harrigan on 23 Nov 2020
Dear Colleagues,
We are testing several Matlab software functional prototypes for algorithm correctness, then performance optimization will be done. Initially, optimization is focussed on the number of calls (references) to computationally expensive routines and primitives to identify potential issues in For Loops construction. Here is a summary of of the number of calls data in a Matlab Profiler execution:
MATLAB Profiler Output:
Function Name Calls Total Time Self Time
Run Main 1 M sec m sec
Subroutine 1 K N sec n sec
Subroutine 2 2K*L J sec j sec
Code Example:
Subroutine 1
For j = 1, L
Call Subroutine 2
Inline code1
Ÿ Call Subroutine 2
Inline code2
End For
Variables ranges for this example:
0 < m M
0 < n < N
0 < j < J
L ≥ 1
We assume that number of calls for the nesting described will follow this pattern.
Evans Harrigan
Evans Harrigan on 23 Nov 2020
Is my formula for the # of calls to Subroutine 2 in notional code above correct?

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