Matlab 2020b crashes everytime I close a figure manually

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snj am 13 Nov. 2020
Beantwortet: Athar Ali am 28 Aug. 2022
On macbook pro, Matlab 2020b crashes (or rather hangs/becomes unresponsive) everytime I close a figure manually, i.e. click the red cross on the figure window. Close all works fine though.
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Shaima Guediri
Shaima Guediri am 20 Jul. 2022
let me share with you a simple solution that I found and it solved this issues , I read some solution from this link:
and found this one by Fenglong Song, so all you have to do is goto -> General -> Source control and select 'None'.
and that solved my problem with matlab freezing each time I close a plot

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ruubef am 26 Jan. 2022
Bearbeitet: ruubef am 27 Jan. 2022
The app "Grammarly" also generates this issue. Disintalling Grammarly solves the problem.
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MIHIR GAGLANI am 10 Mai 2022
Same here grammarly causing the Matlab to fail either furing uigetdir or while closing a figure. Thanks a lot for your solution.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 13 Nov. 2020
That can happen if you have a ClosereqFcn callback that does not return.
To examine this, check
fig = gcf;
disp(get(fig, 'CloseRequestFcn'))
Normal is to see closereq for both of those, and for
>> which closereq
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Bo Liu
Bo Liu am 15 Aug. 2022
Thanks for the ansewr! This is also the issue for me. But how can I resolve this problem?

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza am 13 Nov. 2020
I also saw this problem recently on macOS. This problem is caused by how MATLAB respond to accessibility API. Read the answer here: One of the other apps on your macOS is causing this problem (apparently not their fault, rather how MATLAB responds to those apps). The only workaround is to disable the accessibility API for that app. You need to do trial and error to find out which app is causing the issue.
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snj am 16 Nov. 2020
Thanks for your answer. This could be the case, I will check and get back with outcome.

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Wayne Martin
Wayne Martin am 14 Mär. 2021
I have this problem on Windows. When I look at the status of the Matlab program, it is waiting on network io. It always clears itself in anthing from a few seconds to a few minutes, as though something responds or times out. Dont' know what it's waiting for?

tetonedge am 29 Jan. 2021
It is usually Magnet or something similar
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Vincent Beaulieu
Vincent Beaulieu am 13 Jun. 2022
Moom Many Tricks may as well cause issues.

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Athar Ali
Athar Ali am 28 Aug. 2022
I experience same issue on MAC book Pro. Matlab 2020b and Matlab 2022a. While editing the figure or scope image.


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