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Set non-constant boundary condition proportional to solution at that point and time

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I'm attempting to model diffusion from a 3D geometry using PDE Toolbox. I have set up a cylinder and wish for diffusion to occur at a rate proportional to the concentration at that point. I have specified the following:
%Apply F1 rate of flux = 0
%Apply F2 rate of flux = 3e-6 mol/m2/s = 3e-24 mol/nm2/s
%Apply F3 rate of exit = 3e-6 mol/m2/s = 3e-24 mol/nm2/s
tlist = 0:1e8:1e9;
solution = solvepde(model,tlist);
sol = solution.NodalSolution;
function bcMatrix = myfunc(location,state)
bcMatrix = R*state.u
I was hoping to set my Neumann boundary condition 'g' parameter equal to some constant R multiplied by the concentration on that boundary at that point. I read the forums trying to find an answer but couldn't find one!
I have been trying to model this for hours!! Please help!!

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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar am 5 Nov. 2020
Hi Ollie,
The function you have written does exactly what you describe. What is the issue you are encountering?
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Ollie Bardsley
Ollie Bardsley am 5 Nov. 2020
Hiya Ravi,
Thank you for the response. I'm confused because it's taking a ridiculously long time to produce a result from? I had presumed this was because something was wrong with the function...
Best wishes

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