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Check if string matches many possibilities or check if doesn't match few possibilities.

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Let's say I have a set of validated strings: {'B2D2', 'CPS4', 'R2D2', 'RB2D2', 'SB2D2', 'T2D2'}. And I want to proceed based on whether the input string matches any of the following: {'B2D2', 'R2D2', 'RB2D2', 'SB2D2'}. Which would be a faster invocation of strcmp()?
if any(strcmp(params.Results.eletype, {'B2D2', 'R2D2', 'RB2D2', 'SB2D2'}))
Or, check if it DOES NOT match the supplementary possibilites:
if ~any(strcmp(params.Results.eletype, {'CPS4', 'T2D2'}))
I ask this from a high-performance standpoint. I'm trying to cut computation time wherever I reasonably can here.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza am 2 Nov. 2020
Bearbeitet: Ameer Hamza am 2 Nov. 2020
I guess that 2nd should be faster because it involve less comparisons; however, Instead of speculations, it is better to just profile the code:

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