How to form an array with the input values

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%How would i form an array if i had 5 inputs like this of random number
% displayed at the end.
x = 12;
num = 0;
for index = 1:5
y = input('Guess the number? ','s');
z = y + num;
if z >= 13
disp(' Too High! ')
elseif z <= 11
disp(' Too Low!')
else; z = x;
disp(' Correct! ')
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 30 Okt. 2020
What is it that is to be displayed at the end? The sequence of Too High / Too low messages for each of the 5 random numbers?
What should be output in the case where the person does not make a correct guess within 5 tries?
Is there a connection between the "5" being the number of random numbers to work with, and the "5" being the number of guesses that the user is permitted ?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz am 30 Okt. 2020
The use of input() to collect data from a user is highly unconstrained and gives you, the programmer, very little control over the user's input (see problems with using input()).
There are several input validation functions you can and should use to force the user to enter valid responses. I recommend validateattributes if you want to return an error because it's intuitive and has been around for a while so it will work on later releases of Matlab.
If you want to re-prompt the user to enter a value after the user enters an invalid value, you could use a while loop along with some attribute-checks. For example, to force the user to enter a scalar, positive integer,
for index = 1:5
y = [0,0];
while numel(y)~=1 || mod(y,1)~=0 || y<0
y = input('Guess the number (scaler, positive integer)? ','s')
> "How would i form an array"
As WR mentioned, it depends on what you're storing. Since you're using the 's' flag to return strings, you could store the outputs in a string array or cell array.
An example of cell-array storage,
nLoops = 5;
y = cell(1,nLoops);
for index = 1:nLoops
y{index} = [0,0];
while numel(y{index})~=1 || mod(y{index},1)~=0 || y{index}<0
y{index} = input('Guess the number (scaler, positive integer)? ','s');
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Thank You!

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