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Need to detect the edges of a rectangle using Image processing?

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Jeen Xavier
Jeen Xavier am 30 Okt. 2020
Kommentiert: Jeen Xavier am 30 Okt. 2020
So I first need to read the image file of student ID card get the edges of the ID card and draw a rectangle covering the edges and the crop the detected edges of the image.
These are the methods I used so far
--> To read the image file - imread()
--> To convert to grayscale - rgb2gray()
--> To detect the edges - edge() using the Canny method
--> To get only edge data - bwconvhull()
--> To draw the rectangle over the ID - regionprops
These are my main idea the solutions works but its not that accurate. Pls if somebody knows it that would be really helpful

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drummer am 30 Okt. 2020
Bearbeitet: drummer am 30 Okt. 2020
What if you use dilation-erosion approaches?
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Jeen Xavier
Jeen Xavier am 30 Okt. 2020
This is my existing code which I have made its not the best, Do you know any suitable fix for my code to be more optimal?
f = imread('image-001.bmp'); %read the image file
% Convert the image to a gray scale image
rgb = rgb2gray(f);
BW1 = edge(rgb,'Canny'); %putting the edge function to mask the image
CH = bwconvhull(BW1);
[L n] = bwlabel(CH,8);
blobs = regionprops(L, 'BoundingBox');
% blobs(1).BoundingBox % the third and fourth row shows the width and height
width = blobs(1).BoundingBox(3)
height = blobs(1).BoundingBox(4)
% cropping the new image with respect to the rectangle created
new_crop = imcrop(f, [blobs(1).BoundingBox(1) blobs(1).BoundingBox(2) blobs(1).BoundingBox(3) blobs(1).BoundingBox(4)]);

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