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MATLAB 2020b Installer Getting Stuck

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Benjamin Crawford
Benjamin Crawford am 29 Okt. 2020
When pressing "Next" after the screen containing "Select destination folder", the installer gets stuck with a blue spinning loading circle.
I've been waiting over 30 minutes, and the screen has not progressed.
I'm using Windows 10 Pro build 19041

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Julian Dönges
Julian Dönges am 7 Dez. 2020
Had the same problem, I managed to install R2020b after performing a Clean Boot (Windows 10).

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drummer am 31 Okt. 2020
Do you have admin credentials to install MATLAB?
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Benjamin Crawford
Benjamin Crawford am 8 Dez. 2020
Yes, I do. Julian's solution of restarting is what I had to do too.
It's probably worth looking into why this is happening. File locks? Other pending installs?

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