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Where to specify WebSocket IP (Simulink Support Package for Arduino )

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Callum Morrison
Callum Morrison on 27 Oct 2020
In the docs for both WebSocket Publish and Subscribe, it states "... publishes data from the Arduino® hardware to a WebSocket server identified by an IP address and a port."
Where do I specify this IP address? It is not a parameter for the block.


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Answers (1)

Saurav Chaudhary
Saurav Chaudhary on 30 Oct 2020
Refer to the documentation link given below. It contains an example as how to use the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware to publish and subscribe data from various Arduino blocks to a WebSocket server and to read data on a web browser in a WebSocket client. It contains an information as how to configure Audrino IP adresses.


Callum Morrison
Callum Morrison on 30 Oct 2020
I did have a look at that however unless I'm missing something it only explains how to connect to the WebSocket server running on the Arduino. I want to run a WS server on a different device, and have the Arduino connect to that one instead.
Nirmalkumar Doreraju
Nirmalkumar Doreraju on 4 Nov 2020
Hi Callum,
With the blocks provided in the Arduino Simulnk Support Package, it creates a websocket server on the hardware itself. You can only create an external websocket client and publish/subscribe to the server running on Arduino.
You cannot have an external websocket server and try to use the blocks in the support package as webocket client.

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