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Simulink C code generation error

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Mohammed Kagalwala
Mohammed Kagalwala am 22 Okt. 2020
I'm building a complex custom model (Matlab 2019b), I get the following error,
Unexpected or internal error encountered in "in CGIR: b:\matlab\src\cg_ir\factory\nodefactory.cpp line 494: In computeAndSetType: Type checker is unable to infer the type of Node '.(var: struct { Fields: { { Name: data Type: matrix 12 double}{ Name: size Type: matrix 1 int32} } } *, const: string)'. Please provide the type explicitly. ". Please report this to MathWorks if you can cause it to recur
I'm not sure where to start looking to try and debug the error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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majety am 4 Nov. 2020
Hi Mohammed,
I work at MathWorks and the relevant people in developement are aware of this issue. I am glad you were able to fix the issue by using the model in 2018b. If you observe this issue again, please attach a simple reproduction model so that we can further look into this issue.
Mohammed Kagalwala
Mohammed Kagalwala am 17 Nov. 2020
Thanks for your reply Pavani. I was recently able to try this on 2020b and had another success. It seems the problem has been fixed in newer versions; post 2019b.

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