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Plotting part of an array

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Jacob Huhtala
Jacob Huhtala am 29 Sep. 2020
Kommentiert: Jacob Huhtala am 29 Sep. 2020
This is probably a super easy question to answer and im just blanking out. But im trying to plot this array, which is time in seconds, but i only want to plot it up to 0.2 seconds. Its being plotted agaisnt volts to make a sin curve. I've included the lines of code, and both arrays. Thank you for your help ahead of time.
title('Task 3 2048 Volts v. Time')
xlabel('Time [Sec]')
ylabel('Volts [V]')

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Sindar am 29 Sep. 2020
xlim([0 0.2])
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Sindar am 29 Sep. 2020
in the style you had, you'd do this:
plot(TimeT3_2048( TimeT3_2048<0.2 ),VoltsT3_2048( TimeT3_2048<0.2 ))
it doesn't make sense for this case, but there are others where it woud be useful:
  • plot a range based on a third variable
  • plot based on a more complicated condition
  • when you have a ridiculous quantity of data and don't want it all to be saved in the figure file
Jacob Huhtala
Jacob Huhtala am 29 Sep. 2020
Thank you!

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