How to plot many curves on a x-y-x axis system

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Jean lafunt
Jean lafunt am 28 Sep. 2020
Kommentiert: Sindar am 1 Okt. 2020
Dear users,
I have a numeric matrix (n x m) where each colum stand for the magnetic field measured versus the length of the coil.
There are 20 measured performed for 1 hours each 180s.
The lengh of the coil is 1000 thus n=1000. Let note that m=20.
I would like plot the 20 measurements versus the lengh in a x-y plot but in inserting a thirdth dimension (z) to see the curves at the different time that to say z stands for te time.
I reserached on the web, in blogs a solution without success.
I hope the description of the issue is quite clear and that someone had already met this problem.
Can you help me or give some clues?
Best regards.

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Sindar am 28 Sep. 2020
sounds like plot3 is what you want, though I'll warn you that getting readable figures out is more an art than a science

Jean lafunt
Jean lafunt am 1 Okt. 2020
I tried this function but the result is not good.
I chose the mesh function that gives more or less what that I wanted.
I would like remove les lines that join les curves but I did not manage to do it.
Maybe impossible to do it?
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Sindar am 1 Okt. 2020
please comment on answers instead of creating new ones.
What don't you like about plot3? If it is the fact that the lines have a single color, you might be able to use this solution to fix that.
The mesh plot is a 2D object, which doesn't sound like what you want, and I don't believe there is a way to only have one direction of mesh

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