How to add a cell array inside another cell array in a nested for loop?

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Hello everyone.
I'm trying to make something like this:
for i=1:sets
for j = 1:n_disc
x_r = A{i}*(datos{i}(j,:)');
X_r{1,i}(1,j) = {[x_r]};
But I have this error message:
Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds (must not exceed 53).
How could I make this work?
Thanks for your help.

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Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir am 28 Sep. 2020
As you have not mentioned what the variables exactly are, it is not easy to figure out the issue. Though, it looks like i/j are having values which are exceeding the array bounds of either datos or A or X_r. You can check out their sizes by debugging using breakpoints. To know more about multilevel indexing in cell arrays have a look here.
Hope this helps!


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