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simscape example model on building ventilation

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omkar tulankar
omkar tulankar am 24 Sep. 2020
Beantwortet: Rishabh Mishra am 28 Sep. 2020
I am using simcape buiding ventilation model to develop a project. When I went throgh the mathwork documentation , it's not at all descriptive and I am facing difficulty in understanding the working flow of the model. Whom can I contact to understand how the model works so that I can develop a project from it .
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Andreas am 25 Sep. 2020
What is your exact question? The model is quite self explaining, when you know the basics of heat transfer.

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Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra am 28 Sep. 2020
Refer the following MathWorks pages to better understand modelling a ventilation system is simscape.
  1. Building Ventilation
  2. Medical Ventilator with Lung Model
Hope this helps.


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