How can I convert a .wav audio file into text?

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Varunil Shah
Varunil Shah am 23 Sep. 2020
I have tired using the speech2text, but I am no having success. The error that keeps popping up is "Expected input to be a vector." I would apperciate any help.
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jibrahim am 24 Sep. 2020
Hi Varunil,
speech2text should do that:
Can you please provide more info about the error? How exactly are you calling speech2text?

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Ruchika P Barman
Ruchika P Barman am 8 Jul. 2022
It is my understanding that you want to convert a .wav audio file into text and are encountering errors using speech2text. You may try the following commands to achieve the same:
[data, fs] = audioread('NameOfWavFile.wav');
save NameOfTextFile.txt data -ASCII
Please provide more details as to how you are calling the function speech2text in your code so, I can help you with that.


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