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Unable to use CTRL+R to comment

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Unix Izyah Arfianti
Unix Izyah Arfianti on 17 Sep 2020
Edited: Eline van der Kruk on 1 Oct 2020 at 7:43
Is there anyone knows how to enable CTRL+R to comment?


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Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 17 Sep 2020
Open the Preferences using the button in the Enviroment section on the Home tab of the Toolstrip. In the MATLAB section of the preferences expand Keyboard and click on the Shortcuts sub-item. Search for action name "Comment" to see the shortcut that is currently enabled to perform that action. If Ctrl-R is not listed, I'm guessing you're using either Emacs or Mac shortcuts. You could customize that one action's shortcut or change the whole set to "Windows Default Set".
See this documentation page for more information.


Unix Izyah Arfianti
Unix Izyah Arfianti on 23 Sep 2020
CTRL+R is listed and I set to "Windows Default Set" but it can't be used eventhough CTRL+T (uncomment) can be used.
do you know why? thank you for your response
Anirudh Chhabra
Anirudh Chhabra on 27 Sep 2020
I have this same issue. Can't figure out a way to get it working. It's annoying
Eline van der Kruk
Eline van der Kruk on 1 Oct 2020 at 7:37
After reactivating my Matlab license, I suddenly have this same problem.Ctrl+r is listed in the shortcut panel but not working (crtl+T is working). Anyone found a solution yet?

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