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How to binarize a grayscale image with multiple thresholds?

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I am trying to convert a grayscale image into a binary image with two thresholds:
  • img = a grayscale image
  • b = the output binary image
  • if (img > t1) or (img < t2) then b = 1
  • otherwise b = 0
t1 = 200;
t2 = 100;
src = imread('an rgb image');
img = reg2gray(src);
b1 = imbinarize(img, t1);
b2 = imbinarize(img, -t2);
b = imadd(b1,b2);
but this code doesn't work. Is there a function to set multiple thresholds at the same time?


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Accepted Answer

Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 12 Sep 2020
Edited: Akira Agata on 12 Sep 2020
Assuming a grayscale image img is a 2D double array, the following code should work:
b = img > t1 | img < t2;


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