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How can I make a simple model and simulation of Vehicle-to-Grid concept?

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RIFAT ONGUN am 23 Aug. 2020
Beantwortet: Tony Lennon am 24 Aug. 2020
I just want to make basic modelling of V2G concept which has a battery, bi-directional converter and grid in Simulink. I don't need to make detailed electric vehicle model. I am just gonna put a battery instead of full electric vehicle model.
If you have any example, could you share with me?
Thank you

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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon am 24 Aug. 2020
Try looking at this example. You'll need Simscape Electrical.
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RIFAT ONGUN am 24 Aug. 2020
Sir, I appreciate for your interest but I already looked at this example before. It is not suitable for my project. I mean that it is so much complex. I just need to connect bi-directional DC-DC converter, battery and grid each other.
If you have any advice except that example, it would be a great help for me.

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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon am 24 Aug. 2020
Here is another example to help get you started.
You can replace the DC-DC converters with a bidirectional DC-DC converter block.


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