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Using Matlab in a remote desktop server environment.

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Steve Foley
Steve Foley on 19 Aug 2020
Answered: Prabhan Purwar on 28 Aug 2020
1. Is it permissible to access the software via remote access platforms
such as VMWare or Remote Desktop Services (RDS)?
If so, are there any special licensing requirements to do so?
2. Does the software have any physical distance requirements from which
it can be accessed? Ex: Only use the software within a 10-mile radius.
3. Are there any usage restrictions? Ex: Country, Citizenship, Export
Controlled, etc.

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Rik on 19 Aug 2020
These look like questions you should ask Mathworks support directly. They can provide you with a definitive answer.
Even if sometimes staff members look on this forum and post from time to time, the help on this forum is mostly provided by people who are doing this as a volunteer. You can contact Mathworks support directly with the 'Contact Us' button at the top of the page.

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Answers (1)

Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 28 Aug 2020
There are no technical restrictions for using MATLAB through remote access software.
However, the MATLAB Software License Agreement prohibits remote usage of MATLAB for Designated Computer licenses for all but a single user specified by a license administrator. Note that this user does not need to be the Licensed End User, however the Licensed End User role is a convenient way to keep track of this user, especially on licenses with multiple administrative contacts.
Furthermore, MathWorks does not qualify MATLAB for usage with remote access software, and thus MathWorks support is in a limited position to provide support for this configuration. If MATLAB is encountering a problem when used over remote usage that does not occur when MATLAB is used locally on the machine, MathWorks is unable provide support.
Hope it helps.


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