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Why is the automatic time labeling of my plot in quarters?

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KAE am 3 Aug. 2020
Beantwortet: KAE am 3 Aug. 2020
I am plotting a timeseries object* and the automatic date labelling of the x-axis is, unfortunately, in financial quarters (Q1-20, Q2-20, Q3-20, etc.). How can I chose a different time labeling, such as months?
*I know timeseries are outdated but I have to use them to pass time info into the controlchart functions.

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KAE am 3 Aug. 2020
It turns out the time variable is a datenum, and when you are plotting them, you can choose the time labelling format using datetick, such as:
datetick('x', 6); % Label with month/year

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