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Extract vector from math file

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Lev Mihailov
Lev Mihailov am 23 Jul. 2020
Beantwortet: Arthur Roué am 23 Jul. 2020
Hello! I saved the file in mat format, but it is very large, can I highlight a specific part?

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waqas am 23 Jul. 2020
You can define the variable which you want to extract:
More details on saving and loading .MAT files is provided in the link:

Arthur Roué
Arthur Roué am 23 Jul. 2020
You can use the matfile function to access and change variables in MAT-file without loading file into memory
matObj = matfile('C:/ABCdepobv.mat')
myVar = matObj.myVar
In this example, myVar is a variable in your MAT-File


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