How can I export this as a vector image?

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T FW am 22 Jul. 2020
Kommentiert: waqas am 26 Jul. 2020
normally I can easily export matlab figures (that do not have a gradient) to Powerpoint simply by copy-pasting it. I just need to set the "copy options" to "metafile". Upon pasting it in Powerpoint I just try to ungroup it, done.
However, for the attached figure this does not work. It stays a graid/pixel image in Powerpoint.
Any idea why?

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waqas am 22 Jul. 2020
Use export_fig function. Check the link here.
I would suggest the add
before using export_fig function. This way you can avoid gray boundaries. May be storing in PNG would be good too if you just want to use the image in powerpoint. Otherwise, you can also save the images in eps format. Following line would do the job once you have added the functions from Add-ons.
export_fig name.png -m2.5
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waqas am 26 Jul. 2020
Well if you want to use eps/pdf for publication then I used the same method as I mentioned above only changed the format to eps and it worked fine for me! I also imported the eps file to LaTex to see the quality. It looks the same to me.
I cannot upload the file here so giving the drive link for you to download and see. google drive
Regarding PNG, if you know the dimensions that you will be setting in the final plot then a PNG format file once saved would have enough detailed information.Just a disclaimer, this is my personal opinion.

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