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Baily Thomas
Baily Thomas am 22 Jul. 2020
Kommentiert: Sindar am 27 Jul. 2020
I have two plots. These two plots follow the same trend but are slighly variable. The X axis denotes time for this graph. I would like to determine the minimum amount of time (number of points along the x axis) in which the %difference between the two plots is below a certain value. I would like this to be repeatable along any point along the graphs.
My thoughts are to randomly select a certain amount of points along the x axis (number of points selected determines the amount of time that is being tested (ex: 100 points = 1 second) and then check the percent difference. Then repeat that process until statistically the %difference is accturate for the plot.
Does anyone have any idea of how to randomly sample points on two graphs along the x axis, determine the percent differnce for those two points, and then average all of that together to determine the total % differnce?
I apologize if the wording is confusion and appreciate any input! thanks!

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Sindar am 22 Jul. 2020
Assuming your two datasets share x values and are not absurdly massive, this direct method is probably faster
% generate some sample data
x = 1:100;
y1 = rand(1,100);
y2 = rand(1,100);
% set a threshold of 5%
p_thresh = 0.05;
% calculate the percent difference between sets for each point
y_pdiff = y1./y2-1;
% calculate the cumulative mean
y_pdiff_mean = movmean(y_pdiff, [length(y_pdiff)-1 0]);
% find the first time the cumulative mean is less than your threshold
idx = find(y_pdiff_mean<p_thresh,1,'first');
% find the x-location corresponding to this point
x_thresh = x(idx);
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Sindar am 27 Jul. 2020
I'm a bit confused. Why would a larger section necessarily have a lower % difference?
(I assumed you had two signals that eventually converged)

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