Concatenate cells: making column and row headers

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I have a column and a row like this:
col={'cat1'; 'cat2'; 'cat3'}
row={'mouse1' 'mouse2' 'mouse3'}
I would like to make these as column and row headers (eventually for a table) like this such that my table looks like this:
I've attempted to use cat such that:
but it results in an error the dimensions are not consistent..
Thank you so much for your help and please let me know if I am not clear.

Accepted Answer

Pedro Villena
Pedro Villena on 17 Dec 2012
table(2:numel(row)+1) = row;
table(2:numel(col)+1,1) = col;
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Mich on 17 Dec 2012
Edited: Mich on 17 Dec 2012
That's it! The way that gave me the exact result was:
Thank you so much!! And to all the helpers, you are awesome!

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 17 Dec 2012
table(2:4) = row;
table(2:4,1) = col;
Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen on 17 Dec 2012
The code below works fine for me. If you get an error, you may need to make sure that your variable, table, is not defined previously with other dimensions. If that still didn't work out, please post your example with the error message.
>> col = {'a','b','c'}
col =
'a' 'b' 'c'
>> row = {'d','e','f'}
row =
'd' 'e' 'f'
>> table(2:numel(row)+1) = row
table =
[] 'd' 'e' 'f'
>> table(2:numel(col)+1,1) = col
table =
[] 'd' 'e' 'f'
'a' [] [] []
'b' [] [] []
'c' [] [] []

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 17 Dec 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 17 Dec 2012
row={'cat1'; 'cat2'; 'cat3'};
col={'mouse1' 'mouse2' 'mouse3'};
t = uitable('Data',[],...
'Position',[20 20 360 100])



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