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Train Categorial data in Neural Network Model

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Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful am 19 Jul. 2020
I have a spread sheet containing categorial data . I would like to know which deep learning/Neural netwrok learnig algorithm is best for the training attachment and can help the predictors to the locating errors.
Thanks you!

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Gouri Chennuru
Gouri Chennuru am 24 Jul. 2020
Refer to the information below,
  1. If the xlsx file provided in the question is the only data you are working on, you can use any classification algorithms available in Statistics and machine learning toolbox
  2. If you are also working with sequence and time series data, I recommend you to use Long Short-Term Memory Networks. A Time series data contains set of observations on the values that a variable takes at different times.
  3. If in case you are working with large data set along with attached xlsx file, I recommend you to use any neural network in MATLAB.
Hope this helps!
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Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful am 29 Jul. 2020
Thank you very much!

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