how to convert a vector to a number

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hi lets say i have a vector [1,1,1] is there a function that can convert this to the number 111 ?
Itzik Ben Shabat
Itzik Ben Shabat on 16 Dec 2012
the vector does not contain values greater than 9. if it has 0 to the left it ignores them - 009=9, 012=12 etc.
i could write a for loop that calculates this but i was wondering if there is a function.

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Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 16 Dec 2012
Edited: José-Luis on 16 Dec 2012
a = randi(9,1,5);
your_num = sscanf(sprintf('%d',a),'%d');
alt_sol = sum(a.*repmat(10,1,numel(a)).^(numel(a)-1:-1:0));

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