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When do we put quotes around the name of the function and when not ? For example, I used fsolve(myfun,x0) and I got no results , but when I used fsolve('myfun',x0) I got the root I was looking for ...

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 15 Dec 2012
Edited: Matt Fig on 15 Dec 2012
Typically, you want to pass a handle to a function, not a string.
fsovle(@myfun,x0) % Notice the @ symbol --> a function handle.
The string argument gets evaluated the same way, probably for backward compatibility. The modern way is to use function handles.
Antonis V.
Antonis V. on 15 Dec 2012
Ok i found out why it failed ! I had created and saved this function so I guess I had to use fsolve(@f,0) in first place ! Thanks a lot ! And one last thing :P I am a new Matlab user , and I haven't yet figured out how initial guesses work !For instance, I want to find out the roots of the equation F(X) = exp(x) - x^2 - 68 . What values should I put to x0 ? I 've tried several values close to 0 and I got the same result but I noticed I can't use very big numbers , whereas I can use very small numbers. If I want to find all the roots at F's domain range should I put more than one values at x0 ?

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