regexprep - may the replacement string contain a variable?

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Alexander on 13 Dec 2012
My problem:
Assume you have the following string: str='WBEi xx(i,BE)'; I want to replace BE by QQ, but only in the second substring xx(i,BE).
The problem is that QQ is stored in a variable, say q='QQ'.
If I would take the function strrep(str, 'BE', q) both occurances of BE are replaced by QQ: ans = 'WQQi xx(i,QQ)'
If I realize it with regexprep (explicitely using 'QQ'): regexprep(str, '(xx\(i,)BE(\))', '$1QQ$2' ) the result is the right one: ans = 'WBEi xx(i,QQ)' %only the second is replaced
But is it somehow possible to parse the variable q='QQ' to this or a similiar function, to do the job?

Accepted Answer

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 13 Dec 2012
Does this work?
regexprep(str, '(xx\(i,)BE(\))', ['$1',q,'$2'] )


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