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Setting the Description and DetailedDescription attributes of MATLAB classes

Asked by Sam Roberts on 11 Dec 2012
Built-in MATLAB classes have values for a Description and DetailedDescription attribute:
>> ?handle
ans =
meta.class handle
Package: meta
Name: 'handle'
Description: 'Base class for handle classes'
DetailedDescription: ''
Similarly, some methods and properties of built-in classes have the same attributes:
>> a = ?containers.Map;
>> a.PropertyList(1)
ans = handle
Package: meta
Name: 'Count'
Description: 'Number of pairs in the collection'
DetailedDescription: ''
How can I set these attributes for my classes/methods/properties?


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1 Answer

Answer by Rowland
on 11 Dec 2012

It looks like the Description and DetailedDescription properties are not being used yet.

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Well, yes I know the documentation says that - except they are being used, as shown in the examples above. You may be right, in that there may be no way currently for a user to set them, but MATLAB itself is setting them somehow. I'm wondering whether it's possible for a user to do that, even in an undocumented way.

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