Extract specific values from long list of tables contained in a .mat file

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I have 70 tables, all with the same column headings saved in a .mat file. I would like to be able to loop through the tables to create new arrays of different variables contained in the tables. For instance, one of the column headings is latitude. I would like to be able to loop through all 70 tables, grab the latitude value from each one, and make a new 70 x 1 array with these values. Can someone help me with the best way to accomplish this? I'm attaching the a portion of the .mat file that contains the tables. Thanks!
jonas on 8 Jul 2020
Edited: jonas on 8 Jul 2020
I'm wondering if perhaps it would be easier so work with 70 structs? or alternatively 24 tables?
edit: yes I understand, I deleted my first comment after realizing I was looking at the wrong table :) It would still work, you'd have to learn how to effeciently group data.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 8 Jul 2020
V = cat(1, TableS{:}); % See how simpler if each table is stored as a cell

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