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Error installing MATLAB interface for ACADOtoolkit - Unknown file extension ''.

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Hi I tried to install ACADOtoolkit from the MATLAB command line using the latest stable version.
I'm using MATLAB 2019b and Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2019 as C++ compiler.
but after MEXing all the files to 100% I get the following error.
MEX completed successfully.
*Error using mex
Unknown file extension ''.
Error in makehelper>execute_command (line 338)
Error in makehelper (line 269)
execute_command (cmd, DEBUG, SRCMEX{i}, ~PARALLEL) ;
Error in make (line 79)
makehelper(0, {}, varargin);

Antworten (2)

Nivethan Yogarajah
Nivethan Yogarajah am 13 Sep. 2021
I had the same issue, when I had saved the ACADOtoolkit folder inside One Drive. Saving the ACADOtoolkit folder somewhere else, resolved the issue for me.

Saurabh Chaudhary
Saurabh Chaudhary am 12 Jun. 2022
I also had the same issue, when i had saved the ACADO in oneDrive. Save it in another drive ( not one drive or gdrive) this will resolve the issue. I saved in another drive and it works.


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