How to extract data from a table and input the wanted values into a new one?

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I need to go through a table and find values >= 50, and then take those values, match them to their month, and create a new output containing the month

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Kavya Vuriti
Kavya Vuriti am 30 Jun. 2020
As mentioned, you can try using logical indexing. Assuming T is the table, first column in the table as month and second column in the table as values, here is the sample code:
monthsfromtable = table2array(T(:, 1)); % Convert months data in table to array
valuesfromtable = table2array(T(:, 2)); % Convert values data in table to array
idx = valuesfromtable >= 50; % Logical indexing to get values greater than or equal to 50
requiredValues = valuesfromtable(idx); % Values greater than or equal to 50
requiredMonths = monthsfromtable(idx); % Months with values greater than 50
valuesJan = requiredValues(strcmp(requiredMonths, 'Jan')); % Values in Jan month greater than 50


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