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Block parameter and values in simulink

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Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar
Ajay krishna Vasanthakumar am 20 Jun. 2020
Hello everyone,
is it possible to get the block parameters and value using simulink api?
for example:
i want the parameter pair values of all the tabs here.

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Paul am 20 Jun. 2020
Bearbeitet: Paul am 20 Jun. 2020
That function returns a struct with all of the dialog parameters for the current block. Or replace gcb with the name of whatever block you care about. The fields of that struct define the parameters of the block that you can interrogate. For a Gain block:
>> d=get_param(gcb,'DialogParameters')
d =
struct with fields:
Gain: [1×1 struct]
Multiplication: [1×1 struct]
ParamMin: [1×1 struct]
ParamMax: [1×1 struct]
ParamDataTypeStr: [1×1 struct]
OutMin: [1×1 struct]
OutMax: [1×1 struct]
OutDataTypeStr: [1×1 struct]
LockScale: [1×1 struct]
RndMeth: [1×1 struct]
SaturateOnIntegerOverflow: [1×1 struct]
SampleTime: [1×1 struct]
>> get_param(gcb,'OutMax')
ans =

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