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Undefined function or variable 'netcdf'

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wassim boulala
wassim boulala on 7 Jun 2020
Answered: Neuropragmatist on 23 Jul 2020
Hi !
i have a probleme , i want to run the (netcdf) function but i don't know how to download the package and include it in matlab .
could anyone help me please
clear;clc;close all;
% script crée une bathymétrie pour le modèle SWAN bathym fine ~70m (fichier
%origine) qu'on interpole à 1km pour l'expèrience avec swan resolution=
%dx=dy=1*1 km à partir des données gmrt-map-tool
fillval=f{'altitude'}.FillValue_(1);% fillvals c des NaN!

Answers (1)

Neuropragmatist on 23 Jul 2020
I think your line is supposed to be:
f ='algiers_bay.grd','r');
Because netcdf on it's own doesn't do anything, it is a library of functions that are accessed by prefixing with 'netcdf'.
Hope this helps.

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