Modify colobar values into a Function: error "Attempt to extract field 'YTick' from 'mxArray'"

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into a Matlab Function in Simulink environment I want to modify the value shown by a colorbar (adding min and max values at the two ends of the colorbar).
Therefore in the Function there is the following code:
colorbar('Ticks',[ MyMinVal, cbar.Ticks, MyMaxVal ],'TickLabels',[ MyMinVal, cbar.Ticks, MyMaxVal ]);
The above command works if I execute it from command window, but during the simulink simulation does not work, and I get the following error:
Attempt to extract field 'YTick' from 'mxArray'.
Probably there is something related to the "coder.extrinsic" to set at the beginning of the routine but I don't know exactly what.
Thanks and best regards, A

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Alberto Mora
Alberto Mora am 5 Jun. 2020
Partially solved. Instead of call the colorbar and then modify it, I do it toghedar as follow:

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