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send data from one computer to an other computer using matlab via internet.

Asked by Javaid Iqbal on 13 Apr 2011
Latest activity Edited by Walter Roberson
on 12 Mar 2017
i want to send data from matlab to other computer that will receive data using matlab
how can i do this
If any one has idea plz comment


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5 Answers

Answer by Ankit Desai on 15 Apr 2011
Edited by John Kelly on 29 Oct 2014

If you are using MATLAB R2011a, you can use Instrument Control Toolbox's TCPIP object as a Server Socket via the NetworkRole property. This support is for a single remote connection. You can use this connection to communicate between a client and MATLAB, or between two instances of MATLAB.


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 13 Apr 2011

If you use the Instrument Control Toolbox, you can do this using udp. The Instrument Control Toolbox is, however, not able to send this data using tcp for this situation, as that toolbox does not allow MATLAB to be the "server" that connections are initiated to.
There is a MATLAB File Exchange contribution "tcpudpip" which is able to transfer data through udp or tcp; that contribution is able to have MATLAB act as a server.

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Note: in the time since I wrote the above, Instrument Control Toolbox added a "server" role so it can now be done with tcp as well.

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Answer by Javaid Iqbal on 13 Apr 2011

Thanx Dear
I have learn it and trying do so.
for more help can i contact u ?


I haven't implemented this myself, but there are examples in the documentation.
I am facing an error
That is Warning: A timeout occurred before the Terminator was reached.
ans =
Set your terminator to byte rather than a particular character.

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Answer by achermen est on 25 Apr 2011

hi friends :)) , any one help me how to send a picture byyy socket(:'()) on a server and client matlabbb


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For those looking for;how can we sent an image from a computer to another over a network using the tcpip protocole, here is the code because it can be helpful for many people. To run: run the Server session and after that the client session:
Server Session:
close all;clear all;clc;
data =imread('out1.jpg');
s = whos('data')
tcpipServer = tcpip('',30000,'NetworkRole','Server');
Client Session:
close all;clear all;clc;
tcpipClient = tcpip('',30000,'NetworkRole','Client')
rawData = fread(tcpipClient,57600,'double');
reshapedData = reshape(rawData,120,160,3);
Thanks a lot for those who are helping others.
Keep Going !!!!!!
Ps: for those who are looking for:how can we send :P
Yogesh comments to iup geii amiens:
thanks alot for your support!!

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Answer by Meghashree G on 29 Sep 2015
Edited by Walter Roberson
on 29 Sep 2015

Hi i want to send array from one matlab terminal to other! how do i do that?
Please help me
Refer the below link pls:
Thank you


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