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Dosing in sbiofit example

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In the example "Fit a One-Compartment Model to an Individual's PK Profile" for the function sbiofit (the example is found in the sbiofit help page), an initial dose of 10 milligram is used:
dose = sbiodose('dose');
dose.TargetName = 'Drug_Central';
dose.StartTime = 0;
dose.Amount = 10;
dose.AmountUnits = 'milligram';
dose.TimeUnits = 'hour';
I just wonder where that value is coming from as it seems I cannot find it anywhere in the example. Should it be also a value that needs to be estimated, or it is a value that needs to be known from experimental/synthetic data?
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Jeremy Huard
Jeremy Huard on 15 May 2020
Hi Jacopo,
this is the dose amount used to generate the synthetic data used in this example.
But you are right, it should have been stated in the 'Background' section.
Another option to specify dosing is to include a dose column in the dataset. This gives you the flexibility to specify different dosing schedules and amounts for each group in your dataset.
There is an App-based example of this here.
You can see how doses are created from a dataset programmatically by generating MATLAB code from the Fit Program (it uses createDose() ):
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