driven a ball following a predefined trajectory in simmechanics

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Ming am 1 Nov. 2012
I am new for simmechanics. My job is driven a massless ball to follow a predefined trajectory in a plane and the coordinates of the ball at any given time is known.
I tried to connect a small ball with the ground with a in-plane joint then using a liner driver to move it. However, I can only connect one linear driver to it. Because each linear driver can only control one degree of freedom, it is not enough for me to duplicate the 2D trajectory. Attempts to connect two linear drivers at the same time failed.
I would like to know:
1. Is there any alternative approach to realize my task? 2. Is there any example that I can follow?
Thank you in advance.

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Ming am 1 Nov. 2012
The problem is solved. The two linear driven solution works for this problem. However, is there any other more convenient solution?
Thank you.

Raju Purohit
Raju Purohit am 4 Nov. 2012
It is possible!
I am pretty sure where you have gone wrong. In the block parameters of your second joint actuator, you perhaps have forgot to change "Connected to primitive" to "P2". If it is "P1", redundancy will exist as two actuators will try to actuate the same 'degree of freedom' of the joint.
Hope this helps.


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