How to select the length

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Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos am 11 Mai 2020
Kommentiert: Sofia Santos am 11 Mai 2020
I have some values in a text file and I just want the values ​​up to the 10000 th position, so I choosed the length, N, 10000. I don't know how to choose the values of EDA just until 10000, because the length (EDA)=14000.
Thank you very much!
data_org = importdata('signal.txt','\t',7); %text file with 7 columms;
EDA= EDA(:,6); %I only want the values in column 6
N = 10000;
fs = 1000;
t = (1:N)/fs;
f = (1:N)/T;
plot(t,EDA); %wrong because the length have to be the same
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Sofia Santos
Sofia Santos am 11 Mai 2020
Thank you!!!

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