How can i export data from an 'edit text box' in app designer to an excel file?

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So i want to export the variables below (in the edit text boxes) to an excel spreadsheet. But i am not sure how to to it.
I want to create a callback function fot the 'save data' button, so that when it is pressed, the data is saved to excel spreadsheet.
Can anyone give me some advice on how to do this?
Thanks in advance, Grace

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Peng Li
Peng Li am 10 Mai 2020
I assume that you have properties linked to each of these values.
In the callback, you can create a structure or a table involving all what you want, and write them to excel once.
For example,
tbl = table(yourApp.TimeTaken, yourApp.MaxHeight, yourApp.Horizontal, ...
'VariableNames', {'TimeTaken', 'MaxHeight', 'Horizontal'});
writetable(tbl, yourOutputDir);
In above example, I assue the handle of your app is your App, and the property names corresponding to the first three edit boxes are TimeTaken, MaxHeight, Horizontal.
If you didn't link them to a seperate property, you can manipulate through accessing the Value property of the corresponding text edit, e.g.,
tbl = table(yourApp.TimeTakenEdit.Value, ...)
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Grace Frost
Grace Frost am 10 Mai 2020
i am not getting any errors when i press the save button so it must be saving somewhere right? but its not saving to my file.
Peng Li
Peng Li am 10 Mai 2020
What did you use for the second parameter of writetable?

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