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how i can known the active tab in a tabgroup component in the appdessigner tool?

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is posible known the active tab in a tabgroup component?, i try as app.nameTabGroup.Selectedtab but is not work :
For example i need know if the volume tab is active, could you help me please?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 22 Apr 2020
What do you mean this "doesn't work"?
Is the right way to do this so somewhere your logic or code probably has a bug in it. Put a break point in, and see what it's telling you.

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aliko dakil
aliko dakil on 22 Apr 2020
do you know how to change the color to 'pure' white if the tab is not selected. IT's showing white but the actual color is somewhat disabled.
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Harold Alexander Medina Santacruz
yes, i know how to change the tab color but ¿ is not exist a direct form to consult the tab activity?

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