Getting numerical data for dsp.Chirp or frest.Chirp functions

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Is there a way to access the numerical data from the dsp.Chirp() or frest.Chirp() functions? For instance, I use the following code to generate and plot a swept frequency sinsoidal chirp. Can I access the resulting numbers, say as a vector, to process them? Say, I wish to multiply the given chirp with another signal or filter it, etc?
start_freq = 10e6;
end_freq = 100e6;
n_points = 1000;
f_range = linspace(start_freq, end_freq, n_points); %frequency range to calculate the VSWR
end_freq =start_freq+(num_periods*delta_f);
VSWR_sweptFreq_input = frest.Chirp('Amplitude',1, 'FreqRange',[start_freq end_freq], 'FreqUnits', 'Hz', 'NumSamples', n_points, 'InitialPhase', 0);
title('Original and Reconstructed VSWR functions')
xlabel(['Frequency' newline 'Range:' num2str(start_freq/1e6) ' to ' num2str(end_freq/1e6) ' (MHz)' ])
ylabel('Voltage (V)')

Accepted Answer

Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad on 22 Apr 2020
Edited: Mehmed Saad on 22 Apr 2020
t = x.Time;
lfm = x.Data;
or you can take it out from plot
y = gca;
t = y.Children.XData;
lfm = y.Children.YData;

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