Convert CSV/.mat to C3d or TRC file

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Reuben Addison
Reuben Addison am 14 Apr. 2020
Kommentiert: TALAL BIN am 5 Mai 2023
How do you convert a .mat or csv file to c3d motion data. I want to import the data into OpenSim for processing and open sim only works with .trc files. But if I am to get it into just c3d I can do the rest. The data was download from an open source repository.
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Jobin Geevarghese Thampi
Jobin Geevarghese Thampi am 13 Mai 2022
Do you know how to convert a C3D to .trc in Matlab?

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Kayla McCann
Kayla McCann am 17 Nov. 2021
Hey Reuben
Did you ever get an answer to this? I am in a similar situation and have absolutely no clue how to convert from csv to c3d
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Kelly am 14 Nov. 2022
I am actually looking to find out this answer as well...
TALAL BIN am 5 Mai 2023
any update?

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Julius am 23 Jan. 2023


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