BPSK modulation and Raised Cosine Filtering

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Martin Bahna
Martin Bahna on 11 Apr 2020
I have problem with this code:
data = randi([0 1],40,1);
bpskModulator = comm.BPSKModulator;
bpskModulator.PhaseOffset = pi/4;
modData = bpskModulator(data);
modData = step(bpskModulator, data);
throwing error "Unable to resolve the name comm.BPSKModulator."
any help please?

Answers (1)

Rahul Narendra Shanbhag
Rahul Narendra Shanbhag on 18 Jun 2020
Hi Martin,
From what I have understood, your issue seems to be the presence of the following error: “Unable to resolve the name comm.BPSKModulator”. The issue you are facing is usually caused by a path error, where the object is unable to access the correct path. Run the following commands in MATLAB in the following order
After executing these commands, restart MATLAB.
I hope your issue gets resolved.




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