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How to detect a matrix of an image?

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Dimitris Spiropoulos
Dimitris Spiropoulos am 3 Apr. 2020
Hi, I would like to identify the coordinates and the droplet of the image I attached, in order to make a table from it . This table will be full of zeros and will have the value one in the position of the droplet. I watched this video but it didn't help me. Please Help me!!!
Thanks in advance!

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Jalaj Gambhir
Jalaj Gambhir am 6 Apr. 2020
This can be done through blob analysis methods like Color Thresholding, using Color Thresholder App in Image Processing Toolbox. For details, you can refer to this video tutorial.
Hope this helps!
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Dimitris Spiropoulos
Dimitris Spiropoulos am 6 Apr. 2020
Thanks for your response!
Dimitris Spiropoulos
Dimitris Spiropoulos am 7 Apr. 2020
The video you recommended was really helpful! Thanks a lot!

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