how to fix the current axes in gui?

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Osama Alkurdi
Osama Alkurdi on 2 Apr 2020
Commented: Osama Alkurdi on 4 Apr 2020
I have a gui contains two axes, one of them are used to plot a mechanical motion for a certain mechanisms over a period of time, and when the animation starts the plot start to apear at axes1, but if I click at axes2 the animation start to appear at it, it seems that when any axes get clicked, it becomes the current one.
the problem is that I want the animation always appear at axes1 no matter if I clicked at any other axis, but I have to mention something important that I can't use plot(handels.axes1,.....,.....) or axes(handles.axes1).
is there is a command that can off or inactice a certain axes?
like this command which could off a certain pushbutton, set(handles.pushbutton1,'enable','off').
Osama Alkurdi
Osama Alkurdi on 4 Apr 2020
@Adam Danz
@Walter Roberson
Thank you Guys :)
I finally understand what you mean after studying your comments and searching in the web, @Rik your solution work perfectly for me, and I know how to implement it in my code.
I learned a new things in matlab, thank you again.

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